Maximum plaque removal with comfort grip.

  • GUM Dome trim bristle design
  • Raised centre bristles formed a domed cleaning surface which supports the recommended 45 angle of brushing.
  • Clinically proven to reduce a sub gingival plaque.
  • Tapered end-rounded bristles provide a safe and gentle toothbrush for both soft hard tissue.
  • Textured bristle tips allow the bristle to pick up the plaque.
  • Comfortable soft grip with raised ribs on both sites.


Clinically proven

Use of the GUM toothbrush with dome trim bristle design significantly improves oral health.

*C.D. Bently,J.A.Disney:A comparison of partial and full mouth scoring of plaque and gingivitis in oral hygiene studies. J Clin Periodontol 1995; 22: 131-135


Available in the following code:

  • 457: Compact, soft
  • 458: Full, Medium