Tamin Darou (also known as Tamin Daroo) has always maintained a tradition,

of developing successful partnerships with reputed parties all over the world, in addition to its own development projects.

Tamin Darou welcomes the US, Japanese and European companies to partner with us and cash in on a mutual beneficial and fruitful business opportunities and forges broadpartnerships to develop, register and commercialize their products in our health ministry (Out- Lenience).

Rising the confidence in our financial management and our capital resource encourage us to press ahead on a normalization path that consequently has helped us drive up yields in the mutual business.

Our Investors no longer need to take on as much risk to generate enough return on their fiscal budgets.

Our Investors have piled into safest business in our organization for search of higher their yields and their remarkable dividends.

We are actively evaluating potential (Out-licensing) opportunities for Generic and innovative products, where significant unmet medical need exists or in subset patient populations where the compound may have significant promise.



G.U.M SunstarButler

Sunstar Americas, Inc., (formerly, John O. Butler Company) is a member of the Sunstar Group of companies, a global organization headquartered in Switzerland that serves oral health care professionals and consumers in 90 countries around the world. Sunstar’s mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people everywhere. 

They have always had a commitment to dentistry and to good oral health care both for the dental professional and the consumer. They have a history of excellent oral care products around the world.


Pelz Group

The Pelz Group is a medium-sized family enterprise based in Wahlstedt, Schleswig-Holstein, and is one of Europe’s leading companies in the fields of cotton wool products, feminine hygiene, baby care, household and industrial foils and films.


Incontinence & Feminine Hygiene Products

The Caroli brand is synonymous with traditional German manufacturing standards, excellent product design and comfort, delivered at an affordable price.


It is important that you feel good about yourself every day and around the clock.

That is why they have developed Cosmea panty liners for you with the unique COMFORT PLUS+ FORMULA, which guarantees you demonstrable maximum wearing comfort in every situation.

Why? Because Cosmea panty liners are 100% breathable. Because they are made entirely without plastic film and because they are as pleasant and soft as silk. You won't feel them at all.

Experience yourself everyday what Cosmea can do for you: pure comfort.

Jean Carol

The extensive Jean Carol Premium cotton wool range for hygiene and beauty care ranges from pleated cotton wool and cotton wool balls to cotton buds and moist and dry duo cotton wool pads with aloe vera and other valuable ingredients. Jean Carol Bio exclusively uses organic cotton from organic cultivation certified according to the EU Council Regulation No. 2091/92.

The packaging and swab shaft are produced from raw materials (starch) harvested from growing plants and are 100% compostable.


Akses Swiss GMBH

Akses Swiss

premium quality food supplements, perfectly formulated for everyone’s healthy lifestyle.

They integrate innovations in product development processes to supply scientifically proven health and wellness products for people globally.


Theralogix Nutritional science


Theralogix shares a common value with you. In a world of endless choices, our goal is to provide you high-quality, independently tested and research-based nutritional supplements that you and your healthcare provider can trust.

Since Theralogix was established in 2002, there has been a growing awareness that nutritional supplements taken along with a healthful diet and lifestyle, can play an important role in achieving optimal health.

Theralogix guiding principle is to produce nutritional supplements that are based on current scientific research, using only the highest quality ingredients to meet your individual needs.

Close to 20 years and over 30 products later, thousands of customers and their healthcare providers have come to trust Theralogix supplements.




Quality and value is what the LANDER brand has meant to millions of consumers over the years. The LANDER brand is available in more than 40 countries and offers customers an extensive product portfolio.

Today LANDER is owned and manufactured by Surefil, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. LANDER’s rich history and dedication to quality and value continues to receive recognition from the industry and the public. The consumer knows when they purchase a LANDER product that they are getting an everyday luxury product at a great value for their money.