For better cleaning of hard to reach

  • super tip bristles clean hard–to-reach surfaces.
  • Raised inner bristles of the Dome trim design gently clean below the gumline.
  • Outer bristles clean tooth surfaces.


Includes tongue cleaner.

Ergonomically designed handle with textures rubber grip, on front and back, for comfortable manoevrabillity.


Clinically proven

Clinical evaluation of the GUM Supertip toothbrush showed significant plaque removal over the whole mouth with marked decrease in gingival index and bleeding scores over the four weeks of use.

*R. Feller, S.L. Carwright, and J. Stephens. A Clinical Evaluation of the Super Tip toothbrush compared to the Butler 411 toothbrush.


Available in the following code:

  • 462: Full, Medium
  • 463: Compact, Medium