Active in the vital areas to prevent gingivitis and maintain healthier gums.

Perfect fit for an optional clean Since its not enough to clean just the surface of the teeth.70% OF THE WORLD POPULATION IS TOUGHT TO BE AFFECTED BY SOME FORM OF PERIODONTAL DISEASE.

Periodontal disease is cost mainly by the accumulation of bacterial plaque on tooth surfaces. Interdental spaces, especially around the gum line, are particularly vulnerable to this bacterial plaque since it is difficult to remove.

Thus, the removal of plaque at the interdental gumline is particularly important for the maintenance of healthy gums and the prevention of periodontal disease.

  • The only toothbrush specifically designed to remove plaque from interdental spaces along the base of the gums and health prevent gingivitis.
  • UNIQUE BRISTLE CONFIGURATION.Triangular and rectangular
  • External triangular tufts: To remove plaque from interdental areas.
  • External rectangular tufts: For superior gumline cleaning and massaging of the gums.



  • Sweeps away plaque and small particles that build up under the gum line and hard-to-reach interdental areas, where gum disease originates.
  • Gently penetrates previously in accessible areas, without the abrasive damage of regular bristles that can contribute to gum reaction.
  • Super-thin head to easily access all areas of the mouth and prevent the risk of damaging gums often caused by larger brushes.
  • Facilitates access to hard-to-reach back teeth and prevents gag reflex when brushing deep areas of the mouth.
  • Flexible, slender neck absorbs excessive pressure for gentle brushing.
  • Periodontal.gumline.interdental.micribristles
  • Anti-slip grip for superior brushing control.


Available in the following code :

  • 581: Compact, Soft
  • 583: Compact, Medium