Forsat Emrooz Magazine`s report of Tamin Darou cooperation with Mr.Mohammad Reza Golzar

Forsat Emrooz magazine in its 246 number on 2015/06/13 published an special report about cooperation of Mr.Mohammad Reza Golzar, as the First Health Ambassador ,with Tamin Darou Company:

The first step was taken

The recent news about presence of celebrities in advertisements and promotions was indeed a good one in this field. Of course despite the main role it may have, such permission has not been very successful yet. This advertising method is not very common for foreign brands specially in Iranian market.

However Tamin Darou, which is active in Oral Health and related Oral Care products, has started its cooperation with Mr.Mohammad Reza Golzar, a famous Iranian actor, for its promotions .The presence of this celebrity for this foreign brand is somehow different from others. Mr.Golzar will be Health Ambassador in Tamin Darou`s recent campaign to show the importance of Oral Health in society. Tamin Darou`s G.U.M brand manager and Mr.Ghazizadeh, Marketing consultant answered to Forsat Emrooz Magazine questions:

Tamin Darou`s G.U.M brand manager says:

Considering our philosophy that in nothing does human soul feel spiritual than in helping men to be healthy, We as an importer of Oral Care products do our best to improve the quality of life for our lovely people. This may require taking social responsibilities as well .Following this philosophy Tamin Darou is proudly member of United Nation Global Compact. To have a more effective role we planned to have cooperation with a famous celebrity as our Health Ambassador to show the importance of Oral Health in human life.

The idea of cooperation with Mr.Golzar is based on the motto :”Healthy Gums, Healthy Life” which shows the direct relation between human life and having a healthy gum. In the other word healthy life may affect human life duration and successes that may be achievable. Mr.Golzar is of the famous and good looking celebrities who is very successful in life and job , and this is the point which makes him very popular among Iranian teenagers specially because a huge number of our country population is youth. Such character was the best choice to mirror our philosophy and to be appointed as Health Ambassador.

Tamin Darou`s G.U.M brand manager says: In this campaign we are not about to say that his teeth are nice because of using G.U.M oral care products ; we try to take the attention to Mr.Golzar`s beautiful smile which shows his healthy life and accordingly this healthiness shall affect his successful life.

Golzar Smiles

In the first stage of this campaign many catalogues ,leaflets and other promotional tools covering Mr.Golzar`s picture have been distributed in pharmacies and dental offices ,places which have the most participants regarding the oral care field. From beginning of the new year his billboards were available on the roads during Norooz holidays so that people could see their star as the Health Ambassador in new year.

In the new stage Tamin Darou `s G.U.M team shall be present in schools, welfares and nursing homes to have the oral care training while Mr.Golzar`s picture is available on their training tools. Also the Health Ambassador attended in welfares and related communities and accompanied Tamin Darou `s team with gifting oral care related products.

Health products are not luxury

In the end Tamin Darou`s G.U.M brand manager says: We have used all social networks special Instagram in this campaign in which we share related oral care pictures to show related oral care products and oral care training for all ages and emphasize that they should not look for luxury oral care products or methods. Also we do emphasize on Fissure Sealant and importance of the sixth tooth in children.

Having Golzar again in advertising world is a very good news in this field

Mr.Mohammad Ghazizadeh, Tamin Darou`s G.U.M marketing consultant says :Despite lifting the ban of the presence of celebrities in advertisements ,it is not very well welcomed neither by the brands nor by Stars. Mr.Golzar is a very famous face in our country. Previously he cooperated with Ikat brand .It is the fact that such actors may affect people and this is a very critical point that companies should pay attention to it .Tamin Darou as the exclusive importer of G.U.M & Butler Oral Care products took this opportunity and chose Mr.Golzar. Besides our Instagram campaign we have our posters ,including Mr.Golzar pictures, available in Supermarkets and sales centers.

Instagram, a very good social network for promotions

Ghazizadeh says :This is interesting that companies recently use social networks in their marketing affairs and seek for famous people to attract their followers .In fact to show the beauty of teeth and importance of having a healthy oral condition, followers must have the situation tangible or see related effective pictures of a nice teeth .In this regard Tamin Darou benefits from both ways :to have tangible training courses for children and teenagers and to be present in social networks for adults .Nowadays such social networks have a lot of followers in our country, that in some cases we see that some instagram pages have multimillion followers.

Ghazizadeh says: Using celebrities in promotions had not been very common for FMCG suppliers, but gradually their method has been changing. For example we see that Unilever Company recently cooperated with Mr.Sirvan Khosrawi. On the other hand lack of facilities like absence of consultant offices which can help companies in choosing the best celebrity based on their fact estimations, fades the importance of this method. In order to have the best choice among the celebrities, suppliers should have it in mind that what their brands names mirror which factors in the costumer mind

However some suppliers fear from bad feedbacks of the possible problems that their selected celebrities may face with in the future. It is true that nowadays we have a lot of celebrities and athletes who can be representatives in this filed. One important point is to use middle aged celebrities to be sure their situation is somehow stable and so they may have more effects. Seeking young celebrities also may have its risks as well.

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