55th Annual International Congress of Iranian Dental Association

55th Annual International Congress of Iranian Dental Association was held in Milad Tower `s conference center from 22 to 25 may in an area about 3,500 square meters. Many foreigners like FDI General Manager and Head of Turkey`s Dental Association attended in this congress. Also the congress offered an exhibition in which dental manufacturers and suppliers were present .Since most of the suppliers of dental products gathered there, such exhibition can be considered as a part of dental training. Therefore dentists may become familiar with the most recent dental professional products.

Tamin Darou, as the exclusive distributor of G.U.M oral care products, offered its products in the main hall of Milad Tower. Being present in this congress was one of the main goals of G.U.M marketing team, which became achievable with their best designed booth and presence of marketing team all with their special uniforms. During these four days of the congress many dentists visited Tamin Darou `booth, and marketing team provided them with any necessary data they may ask regarding G.U.M products.

Also on the third day of the congress, Mr.Golzar, G.U.M Health Ambassador, was present in the Tamin Darou`s booth which was very welcomed by the participants. Dentists, who were interested, took their professional pictures with him. Mr.Golzar has started his cooperation with Tamin Darou from the last year


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