Come Dine with Me! Dinner with Mohammad Reza Golzar

“Come Dine with Me” but this time in a new way with Mr.Golzar presence in a luxury restaurant for the winners of Tamin Darou `s competition for GUM brand. Having Mr.Golzar as G.U.M Heath Ambassador is not his only surprise, he has been always wondering his fans in different ways .The new surprise is a photo competition in which people are asked to take photo with Mr.Golzar`s stand located in pharmacies and some hyper markets .Best items will be selected and up-loaded in G.U.M Instagram page to be liked by the followers. Ten top liked photos shall receive the gifts and also they will have a dinner with Mr.Golzar in one the most luxury restaurant in Tehran. During his art life working history, Mr.Golzar shows that he has been acting always differently .Now we see a completely new way for him to attract his fans and to take his fans attention to the importance of oral care .Based on MOH new policies for reducing dental disease, Mr.Golzar`s role as the Health Ambassador for oral care products shall help MOH new oral care policies.

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