Exfoliation of the stratum corneum
Deep pore cleaner
skin rejuvenator


Glycerin: anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and softening
Aloe vera powder extract: antibacterial, strong moisturizer, natural preservation of skin moisture
Allantoin: moisturizing and soothing, smoothing skin texture
Salicylic acid: exfoliation without peeling; Strong moisturizer, contraction of open skin pores
Collagen: preventing skin sagging, strong skin hydration, improving skin structure

Active Ingredients
Product Type : Gel
Volume :200 ml
Suitable For : All skin type
Franchise : Peel-off
Package Type :Tupe

How to Use

Two to three times a week, depending on the skin type, apply a thin layer on the clean skin of the face and neck with a silicone brush. After the mask has completely dried on the skin (for 15 minutes), remove the mask from the surface of the skin slowly from the forehead to the chin, then wash the rest with lukewarm water. After using the mask, peel off the moisturizer. Use suitable for the skin.