Daily relief and prevention of sensitive teeth

Revitalizes gums and remineralizes tooth enamel

Our mouth is not immune from the aging process. With time, our gums begin to recede, revealing the root area of our teeth where the protective enamel shell is particularly vulnerable. Our teeth can also suffer from mineral loss, contributing to the progressive erosion of enamel. Without the protection provided by gums and enamel, the root area of our teeth becomes susceptible to external stimuli. Microscopic holes in the dentin called tubules, allow heat, cold and other stimulants to be transmitted back to the tooth nerve triggering pain. Dentin caries can also develop around this more delicate exposed area.

GUM® SensiVital® provide a range of products designed for daily relief and prevention of dental sensitivity, reinforcing the natural defenses of the mouth to help protect teeth and gums from external aggressions and the natural process of aging. The special formulation of the gel and the rinse revitalizes gums and remineralizes tooth enamel so that your mouth stays healthy throughout life, free from dental sensitivity.


Pack includes:

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouth Rinse