it’s perfectly natural for teeth to lose their original white coloring over time. This discoloration can be caused by stains from food, drinks, smoking, or medication, as well as the aging process.


Our experts have developed the GUM Original White range to not only effectively remove stains, but also to help prevent them from reappearing.


Ideal for everyday use, GUM Original White Toothpaste gently cleans teeth, while at the same time strengthening your teeth and gums.

Gum Original White Toothpaste 75ml cleans your teeth and protects them as well as gums.

The natural whiteness of teeth can be altered by stains resulting from food, beverages (including tea, coffee, wine), smoking, certain medications, or simply by age.

You can now find a whiter smile by brushing teeth with Gum Original White, without risk for your gums or teeth.

Without aggressive bleaching agents, regular use of toothpaste Gum Original White effectively removes stains and prevents their reappearance.