Help heal pimples and acne
Preventing spots caused by pimples
Maintaining the skin’s natural moisture


Caviar hydroglycolic extract: strong moisturizer, sebum secretion regulation, collagen production stimulation, skin tissue regeneration
Tea tree oil: regulator of sebum secretion, prevention of pimples, antibacterial
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3): Skin tissue regeneration, reducing the effects of aging, increasing the consistency and firmness of the skin.
Allantoin: moisturizing and soothing, smoothing skin texture
Piroctone olamine: anti-fungal, strong antibacterial, combating the destructive effects of acne
Betaine: prevention of wrinkles, strong hydration, maintaining the skin’s natural moisture

Active Ingredients

Product Type : Cream
Volume :50 ml
Suitable For :Oily skin
Franchise : Anti Acne
Package Type :Pump

How to Use

Use a sufficient amount of cream on the acne-prone areas of the face and body each time. Before use, wash the affected area with a suitable detergent.